Monday, August 7, 2017


I do not have cancer (although my mother does and I struggle enough with what that means for her future and the future of our family).  I do not have a terminal illness, at least not one that is going to kill me in the next few months or even years. I am not recovering from a major surgery or terrible accident.

But I am sick. I have what is classified as an "invisible illness".

Every day I struggle to get out of bed, some days it does not happen.  I have to rest after doings "strenuous activities" like taking a shower, working from my laptop, or cooking a small meal.  Every day I struggle with pain and exhaustion, nausea and headaches that just won't let up. Regardless of these struggles and many other symptoms, I don't "look sick" and there is no end in sight...hence the term "chronic".

I think people get tired of hearing about how sick I really am. I usually avoid the rolling eyes and comments like "oh, that again?" or "still?"  by saying "I'm fine". I hide my illness from most casual acquaintances completely. Only a few close friends, family and the 4 people who read this blog know how serious my illness is.

I am not looking for pity. Please don't mistake this for a pity party.

I want to bring awareness to a whole section of society that is generally overlooked. Those of us with invisible illnesses.  Those of us that spend hours every day trying to hide behind masks of smiles and make up.

People tend to step up when help is needed for temporary problems-an acute illness, a hospital stay, a death in the family, etc.  But, rarely do people want to sign up for the long haul, to support those of us who will never get well, who may very well get worse over time. 

Those of us with invisible chronic illnesses need support from friends and family, and so do our caregivers. I know everyone is busy with life and kids and everything that goes along with that, but just keep in mind that every now and then a visit with words of encouragement, a hot meal, or some help with everyday chores means so much to those of us that struggle to get through each day.