Friday, June 5, 2015

Today Is One Of Those Days

Today has been interesting crazy absolutely insane.

It started off calmly enough.  I was up early due to my fibromyalgia pain.  I hung out with Emma (who was also up early) and watched TV for a little while and then went to spend some time in God's word and journaling.  Off to a good start, right?

Then I remembered I had billing to complete.  No big deal, certainly something I could easily get done by the deadline.  I started printing the reports I needed and while those printed, I made myself a bagel.  And that was the end of the reasonably calm, normal day.

My 7-year old had Cool Whip for breakfast.  After laying down a strict rule of "absolutely no Amazon shopping on the laptop", both girls were plugged into the laptop about 15 minutes later searching Amazon for dolls and skateboards and sneakers and whatever else little girls like to shop for.

My 13-year old son rolled out of bed around noon, still barely awake.  He then proceeded to smack the dog on the head, which started an argument...of course. Another mom win (insert sarcasm here)!

I got completely distracted by Facebook, the TV, my blog, a FB quiz, and various and sundry other things around the house.

I sent the girls out to play-which lasted all of 4 minutes.  The littlest one (7-year old Kenzie) found was chased by her older (10-year old Emma) sister with a worm and refused to go back outside.  Just as I got that handled, the little came back in screaming about some spiky bug on the porch that was "freaking her out".  I finally gave up on outside play and told them to go clean their room.  I am confident they are currently NOT doing that.

So it is now 2:15 pm and I have barely gotten started on my work deadline.  I have no make up on and am wearing clothes that could double as pajamas.  I have eaten a grand total of 1 bowl of frozen peaches and a Pepsi.

Some days I just want to push the "done" button and move on.  Today is one of those days.


So it is now 2:12 pm and I have keyed exactly 3 claims (out of about 80).