Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Family Fun Weekend #1

Please note, this is post #1 in a series of posts I intend to write about our family adventures this summer.  We have decided to attempt to take a day-trip (or longer) at least every other weekend this summer and then I will post about our experience.  By titling this one #1, I am committing myself to #2 and beyond.....right!?!

Friday night we decided to explore Winston-Salem's culinary scene.  We landed at Bad Daddy's Burger Bar....it was totally worth the 30 minute wait, just to see my son unhinge his jaw like an anaconda!!!

On Saturday, we headed west towards Statesville and stumbled on Lake Norman State Park.  Thankfully, there was a swimming beach open to the public and we were ready to cool off!

After 2 hours at the lake and in the water, we were all tired.  But we had big plans-drive in movies in Eden with our friends the Fassetts!!!!

The first movie was "Jurassic World"

So we watched a movie about dinosaurs.

Big dinosaurs with big teeth.  In the dark.  Outside.  In the woods.

Thankfully the next movie was.......

Love Love Love this movie!!!!  Just as good as the first-maybe better!

It was a great time, all of the kids had fun.  They met new friends and played all evening and into the night.  We sat outdoors and enjoyed the fresh air and films.  We also enjoyed the very loud go-cart that the theater employee drove (insert sarcasm here).  My husband even offered to relocate the go-cart keys for him, free of charge.

So we arrived home around 3 am on Sunday.  Needless to say we ALL slept in-thankfully church service is not until 5 pm!

Looking forward to sharing many more adventures with you!

Becka out.