Sunday, August 2, 2015


I have always understood the term "redeemed" as it applies to my redemption through Jesus' death and resurrection. I understand the concept that my redemption from a life of sin and an eternity in hell is entirely a gift of grace from my Heavenly Father-something I cannot possibly hope to earn, but is mine in spite of that fact.

However, I have never seen redemption in action in a real and tangible way in my life.

First and foremost, to experience redemption, you must first experience loss-usually a significant loss. Until recently, I had not experienced that type of loss. For the most part, I have led a fairly privileged life, especially compared to most of the rest of the world (most Americans don't realize the level of privilege we experience here). I had a stable and generally happy childhood, excellent opportunities for post-secondary education, married my high-school sweetheart, had 3 healthy children. Fifteen years into our marriage, both in our mid-30s, we had built our dream home, had good-paying jobs, 2 cars, 3 kids, and a dog. Life was beautiful and amazing. And I did not appreciate what we had the way I should.

Then, in the course of about 18 months, we lost our jobs (both of us), a car, and our home.

It was like my entire world came crashing down around me all at once. But, in the midst of this storm, God was still in control. Since the "great crash" last winter, I have been refined, molded, pruned and loved by my Heavenly Father in ways I could not have ever imagined. Oh, there has been pain and suffering. But there has been great joy and peace as well. Because my peace and joy are anchored in Christ, not my current circumstances.

Don't get me wrong-I felt pain, I cried (a lot), I cried out to God, I questioned, I prayed like I have never prayed before-but I knew these circumstances were temporary. So mostly, I just believed. I believed in El Shaddai-the Lord God Almighty. He who is capable of all things.

We went through a period of loss and grief. But God provided in the most amazing and tangible ways. He provided jobs for both of us-jobs that were far better than the ones we had lost. He provided a new place for us to live, even after we ended up in a living situation that was less than desirable-He redeemed that situation as well, giving us a new home where we feel safe and comfortable. He has drawn our family together during this time. He has restored and improved our marriage. We have been redeemed.

Friends, don't think of redemption as some abstract concept that only applies on a spiritual level. Redemption is as real to us today as it was to Job or to Ruth. Redemption is real, current, and tangible.

Blessings Y'all,