Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sugar Detox: Week 5 Complete

Week 5 had us cutting out quick breads (pancakes, waffles, fruit-breads, etc.). I have to say, this has gone remarkably well. Of course, over the past 2 weeks we have been very focused on packing and moving and 2 out of our 3 children have been at Camp Grandma & Grandpa as well.

I can't say that we will permanently remove these products from our lives. We have switched to whole-grain waffles from Trader Joe's and I will be exploring using coconut and almond flour to replace the AP flour I currently use for pancakes. It's pretty rare for us to make pancakes and waffles, so I don't have a problem allowing them in our diets as an occasional treat.

This week we are limiting natural sugars. These sugars have slowly been replacing the more processed and refined sugars in our diet, but it is important to limit even the amount of the "good" sugars.

These "good" sugars include:
maple syrup
organic pure cane sugar
muscovado sugar
coconut or palm sugar

The funny thing is, I am finding that the better I feel and the less sugar I consume, the less I want the sugary sweet things I used to crave. I think sugar, like many things, has "addictive" properties that make our bodies crave it more as we consume it more.

Sugar cravings can also indicate underlying medical issues like hormone imbalances, adrenal fatigue, and yeast overgrowth. I find my overall mood has improved, my moods are more steady and predictable, and I am sleeping better and waking earlier (because I want to, not from pain).

I am excited to continue on this journey to reclaiming my health and teaching my children healthy habits as well. This area has always been a challenge to me, but this has been worth the effort!