Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sugar Detox Week 3: Complete (Sort Of)

I could give you a list of excuses as to why this week didn't go so well on the Sugar Detox:
  • 2 ER visits
  • 3 doctor appointments
  • Dinner date night with my hubs (very rare-so we splurged)
  • Eating out more because of our abnormally hectic schedule
But the truth is, that life happens. If we are going to make these changes and stick with this plan to improve our overall health, I have to be able to maintain my balance even in the rough waters of life. Next week could have just as many unexpected things in store, but I am finding that when I do "cheat" and drink or eat something full of refined sugars, I feel sick and tired (even more than I already do) afterward.

So while this week's specific goal is.......wait for it.......NO MORE REFINED WHITE SUGAR (wait, what?!!!), we will still be working on cutting out refined white flour as well.

This week we will also be giving up soda completely...dining out, dining in, at homes of friends-completely. (My family may commit mutiny, so if you don't hear from me for a few weeks, you may want to have the police do a wellness check to make sure they haven't tied me up and force fed me sugar-laden deliciousness).

We have significantly reduced our "sweets" intake. While the detox calls to cut out all desserts and sweets, I am not a proponent of completely denying all of a particular food group, especially one as yummy as dessert. I feel this will lead to more "cheat" days which, in too much abundance, defeat the purpose of this lifestyle change. So we will be limiting desserts and making them only "good" sugars, but will not be eliminating them completely.

I wouldn't call this past week an epic fail, but it was not the best week we have had so far.  The one victory I am clinging to is that I have not run to food to heal my hurts (emotional or physical). I have turned to my husband, my friends, and most importantly my God to help me through these struggles this week and I pray I continue to do so as it is so much more effective than trying to make the pain stop with junky foods.

Stay tuned....