Monday, July 6, 2015

Sugar Detox Week 3: Day 1

I won't bore you with posting everything I eat every day, but this week of the sugar detox is particularly challenging as it involves fasting from sweets and desserts...ALL sweets and desserts (pay no attention to the Trader Joe's Fireworks Chocolate Bar next to me-I haven't actually eaten it. Yet.)

So I will have to admit that the reason this week is so very challenging is that I am an emotional eater. (I will pause here for your shocked reaction).

If I am in pain...I want to eat.
If my heart hurts...I want to eat.
If I have something to celebrate...I want to eat.
If I am sad...I want to eat.
If I am angry...I want to eat.

You get the picture. Food for me is not just love-it is all the emotions. It is comfort.

So today (so is only 1:30 pm) is a success story.

First and foremost, I have become obsessed with natural flavor-infused water. Lemon, cucumber, lime, mint. I love it all. Today I am enjoying lemon/basil/cucumber infused water...deliciousness!

For breakfast, I enjoyed a smoothie made in my super-handy NutriBullet: avocado, spinach, peaches, and banana.

Lunch was a bit of a splurge at Zoe's Kitchen, but it wasn't terribly bad...chicken roll ups with potato salad (no mayo) and fresh-squeezed limeade.

While I am still struggling with some fibromyalgia pain and other health issues that came on suddenly at the end of last week, in general, my body feels better and my energy has increased exponentially.