Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl Sophie!

Today you would have been 4 years old.

I imagine you would have been a strawberry-blond, freckle-faced girl like your big sister, Emma.

You probably would have been cute and silly and precocious by your other sister, Kenzie.

You most certainly would have been the apple of your big brother's eye and would have him wrapped around your little finger.

Time passes and the pain is less sharp each day. But it is always there, in the background of life as our family moves forward missing a very important and very big piece of our hearts.

But on days like today, when we should be celebrating another year in this world with you, the pain is especially sharp. It is eased by the knowledge that you are celebrating another year with Jesus, and in a way...I envy you-spending your days in the presence of your Heavenly Father.

But I miss you. We miss you. Daddy misses you. Your brother and sisters miss you.

I am learning to live with an eternal perspective. God is refining my heart and teaching my soul to not see this place as my home, but to keep my eyes fixed on His face and my home in heaven with Him...and you.

So, I am working hard to stop mourning your loss, sweet girl. I am no longer trying to see the terrible events of November 2010 as a tragic goodbye.

So, instead of goodbye, I will say, until we meet again.

I love you, my sweet baby girl. I love you my Sophie. You were not just mine for a moment because you will live my entire earthly life in my human heart and then we will live together forever in Glory!

Your Momma