Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sugar Detox: Week Two Complete

Goals for week two of our 8-week Sugar Detox:
  • Consume only whole grains-eliminate refined white flour
  • Limit soda consumption to 12 oz. per day and only soda with real sugar (no HFCS)
  • Eliminate all high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and artificial sweeteners

So how did we do?

While white flours still live in my home (because the budget-conscious mom in me just can't throw away all that food), we have only cooked once with refined white flour. To be more specific, we made pancakes with Southern Biscuit Mix Formula L which makes the most delicious pancakes on earth and best southern-style biscuits as well. Since we only indulge in this treat once every couple o months, the biscuit mix is staying.

We did most of our grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and Aldi this week and picked up some delicious refined white flour alternatives. I even found crumpets made with whole grain flour!

We have eliminated all soda from our home. On the rare occasion that we eat out, we will allow the children (and adults!) to order 1 (no refills) soda. Our next big challenge is going to be getting rid of sweet tea (which we make with refined white sugar)...but thankfully we have a week or so before we have to face that challenge.

There has been some general groaning and mild complaining that there is "nothing to drink but water or milk", but I have tried to offset some of the "losses" but letting the kids choose some healthy snack foods from TJs when we shop. They have been surprised at how good the healthier choices taste, but there have been some misses (puffed cheese bean curds...'nuff said).

We are working to get rid of artificial sweeteners. Typically I use them in packet form to sweeten my coffee and hot tea, so I am just finishing up the last of the Splenda before replacing with stevia packets.

Each week we are finding there are many benefits to this lifestyle change:
  • Less wasted food
  • Less snacking, especially late at night
  • Our fridge and counters are full of produce rather than chips and processed foods
  • I have more energy and less pain (still struggling to get the blood sugar under control, but getting there).
  • The kids have more energy and are sleeping better.
  • The girls are willing to try more new foods (namely because they don't want to go hungry). Logan has always been pretty adventurous with his palate.
Personally, I am still facing some health challenges. I spent Thursday night at the ER after going to my primary care physician on Wednesday. After both visits, we still have more questions than answers and lots of referrals for specialist appointments coming up. I am hopeful that the more changes I make and the longer I maintain them, the better my health will be, though.

This coming week will be a bigger challenge than we have ever faced:
  1. No desserts for 1 whole week (this is not something that we will cut out forever, but for this coming week, we will fast from all desserts. Once we do re-introduce them, we will make them with healthier ingredients).
  2. No soda. At all. Period. (Again, not forever, but fasting for this week and will not ever be bringing it back into our home).
  3. Avoid HFCS.
  4. Eat only whole grains.