Monday, May 4, 2015

Defenses Down

The lies of the enemy slip quietly into my life.  They do not roar in like a violent storm, they do not come with a trumpet's fanfare or any type of warning.  They come when I am weak, worn, and my defenses are down.  Much like a virus attacking the body of an immune-compromised person-the very young, the elderly, those whose immune systems are weakened by chemotherapy or radiation.  The lies enter quietly, usually without me even noticing, and slowly start to take over every cell of my being.

Lately, my defenses have been down-moving, physical pain, emotional struggles, financial troubles, stress-all of these things have left me worn and weary.  And Satan has been paying attention, looking for opportunities to plant another lie in my susceptible mind.

No one cares about you and your problems. 
I have seen several friends going through troubles on social media and have seen their prayers answered.  Friends and family have covered them in prayer and raised funds and publicly lifted them up.  I and I have been jealous.  The lie of the enemy that I am less worthy, that I don't have people that care as much as they do, that I am not valued, has imbedded itself and taken hold.  But God's word reminds me that my value, my WHOLE value is in Him.

You aren't important to your husband.
It has been a tough path we have walked for the past couple of years and I am so thankful to have walked it with my husband.  But even in the best marriages (and ours is still a work in progress), we sometimes make the mistake of turning on one another rather than to one another in times of difficulty.  Again, the enemy has taken advantage of my low reserves and planted the lies of doubt and anger in my heart-misdirected at the one person who is my greatest ally here on earth.  "He doesn't manage your money well", "He doesn't pay enough attention to you", "He puts work and school and so many other things above you".  All are lies, but my heart was listening and believing these to be true.  But I again turned to God's word and found the reminder I needed to know that Rick is on my side, loves me dearly, and could never do anything to hurt me.

I am sure there will always be times when I am susceptible to the lies of the enemy.  My heart is human and easily hurt, but I know I only have to seek the words of my Heavenly Father to find the truth, and the truth is I am deeply loved by the Maker of All Things!