Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Moved In (Sort Of)

So we are moved in to our new/old home.  Well sort of.

We are here.  The dog is here. The furniture is here.  There are a LOT of boxes here.  But, not all of our stuff is here.

This is the challenge of trying to move a family of 5 from a 2400 sq ft ranch-style home with an open floor-plan that was built in 2012, to a 1800 sq ft home built in the 1930s.  It is a work in progress and will likely remain that way for the next couple of weeks.

So we are living in this strange kind of limbo.  We seem to have moved from the limbo of living in one house knowing we were moving, to living in another house with part of our lives left behind.  There has been a lot to adjust to.  More than I thought, more than I planned for.  The girls seem to have just slid right in to our new life here.  They had their beds set up and covered in "stuffies" on the very first day of moving.
It took a little longer, but I managed to get all of the boxes out of at least 1 room and get it "set up" for daily life yesterday (3 days after the big moving day).
The dining room, however, still looks like this.
Barrett was very helpful
...or not.

We discovered one of the great benefits to living in the city...
....pizza delivery!

I made sure to get some touches of home put up pretty quickly to help with our transition:

This sweet gift (Numbers 6:24) was from a dear friend back in Virginia, it has hung in 4 houses in the past 6 years and reminds us that we are always home and can never travel further than God's love.
...and then there is this.

We are still trying to find our place here in our new city, but we are together and there is love here.  God is pruning us, refining us, and cutting away the excess to reveal something beautiful-a reflection of His love.  In our weakness, He is great.  In our time of helplessness, He is glorified.  In our pain, He comforts us.  We are never alone, we are never lost-He is always there, waiting for us to reach out and to recognize our desperate hunger can only be filled by His grace and love.