Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Still Moving

So yesterday we continued to move boxes and such over to the new house.  The plan was for the cable installation to happen as well, but it did not and that is a story for another time (possibly when I am capable of relaying the story without the use of sentence enhancers).

The big work was done in the bathrooms.  This was my opportunity to change up the colors we have used in our bathrooms for the past 15 years-usually blue in the spare bath and sage green and taupe in the master bath.  We did make some purchases for this mini-remodel, but kept to a great budget for making over 2 bathrooms.

Upstairs the bathroom will mostly be used by our (almost) 13-year old son, Logan.  It was already painted a pale teal/cyan color, so I went with a bright, multicolored shower curtain so that I could incorporate some of the bright colors he is fond of (okay, the kid dresses like a traffic cone...just sayin').  The shower is in it's own little alcove, so up went the shower curtain and then I selected a bright orange absorbent rug for just outside the shower.

The next area to tackle was the rather spacious area by the sink.  I selected a colorful patterned rug to brighten up the space and a teal basket to hold spare toilet paper (trust me...there is never enough spare toilet paper when you have an (almost) teenager!).  I love the light in this space, it makes the bathroom seem much bigger than it really is.

Finally, I re-purposed the "over-the-toilet" shelf unit to hang hand towels and added an orange basket underneath to hold spare towels.  Eventually I plan to replace this with a sturdier piece of furniture or at least re-finish with some bright paint and add some decorative items.

Next we moved onto the downstairs bath-which will be shared by the girls and Rick and I as well as most guests...sadly, I thought by this age, I would rate my own bath!!!

I love the color combinations of yellow/black/gray/taupe and with the yellow tub and sink area as well as original black border tiles on the floor, I thought this would be a great place to use this.  I selected a boldly patterned shower curtain that tied in most of the colors I liked and then selected simple white towels with yellow and gray borders.  I choose a black basket to store toilet paper (I read somewhere once that every room should have something black as at draws your eye and anchors the room-this also served the purpose of drawing your eye to the beautiful black tile).  I also selected a patterned absorbent bathroom rug in the same yellow that is on the shower curtain.  I love the way the patterns and colors complement rather than compete in this space.  Next step will be to add some artwork to the limited wall space and maybe a couple of decorative items to the small counter area.

 After finishing the bathrooms, I decided to get some pictures of some of the more charming hardware in the house.  There is an eclectic mix of knobs, pulls, switch-plates, and outlet covers throughout the house.  Here are some of my favorites.

Rick continues to drop off a few things and check on the house during his lunch hour this week, but the next big moving day will be Saturday!  We are so excited to get the furniture in the house and start making it our home, and I look forward to sharing this process with you!