Wednesday, May 27, 2015

To My Husband

My love,

First and foremost, I thank God for you each and every day.  I can't imagine doing this thing called life with anyone but you.

I am emotional.  I cry at TV commercials and cartoon movies.  My emotions are unpredictable, even to me.  However, my tears are genuine-never intended to elicit a response or manipulate you in any way.  Thank you for putting up with my emotional roller coaster.

I have a chronic illness.  It is exhausting.  It is painful.  It drains my energy.  It has the potential to drain my joy.  But you endure.  You show me compassion and concern even when we are both tired of hearing that I am in pain for the 3rd, 4th, 10th day in a row.

I am not brave.  You are brave for both of us.  You keep me safe in your arms when we are facing scary new things.

I feel ugly sometimes.  You constantly remind me that I am beautiful to you.  You wrap your arms around me and whisper "you are beautiful" in my ear.

I get lost.  I stray from my walk with Christ.  I put space between myself and Him when I should be drawing nearer to Him.  You help me find my way.  You remind me that the answers I seek are in God's word.  You encourage me to seek Him when what I really want to do is hide from Him.

I am irrational.  I want things I cannot have and do  not need.  I seek solace in the things of this world, rather than seeking my Father's face to comfort me.  You are the voice of reason in my life.  You gently guide me back to the path of rationality.

I doubt myself.  Often. Daily.  But you believe in me.  You encourage me to go outside of my box.  You stand by me and support me when I am required to leave the safety and comfort of what I know and love and step out on faith alone.  You are my biggest fan.

We are not perfect, we both make mistakes.  We lose our way and find it again.  But we are always in this together and I am so very thankful for that!

Love you forever and always! #choosejoy #loveiseverything