Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dirty Dishes

I was frustrated.  We needed groceries, but I do not have a car to go to the store while my husband is at work.  All of the dishes (well, it seemed like all) were dirty and piled in the sink.  The dishwasher hadn't been run last night, so it was just getting started.  It was rainy and gloomy...and so was my mood.

I started to type a text message to my husband to gently seek his support...okay, to whine.  But then I stopped.  There was a solution to this problem and it was in my grasp.  I chose to change the lens through which I was viewing my day.

I found frozen ground beef in the back freezer and the makings for spaghetti sauce in the pantry....dinner-done.  I then turned on my some worship music and gathered the girls to the kitchen.  I am blessed to have sweet girls that find washing dishes by hand fun (they also like making beds....shhhh, no one tell them this is work and maybe they will keep doing it!).  We started an assembly line of wash, dry, put away and sang along to the music while we chatted about all kinds of silly things.  It was the magic of ordinary.

Sometimes it just takes changing the lens through which we view a situation to change our whole day.  I chose to look at my day through the lens of God's blessings today, and it was a great change!