Sunday, April 19, 2015

Not Home Yet

All I know is I'm not home yet
This is not where I belong
Take this world and give me Jesus
This is not where I belong

-Building 429 (Where I Belong) 

As I watched my husband baptize our youngest daughter today, I was reminded that my time here on earth is only a moment in eternity.  My heart is so full as I consider that all three of my children's names are now written in the Book of Life and they all have a home in Heaven!

This week I have been reminded that this life is fleeting.  My sweet Momma will be having urgent surgery on a 90% blocked carotid artery in her neck next week.  This is big surgery.  Dangerous.  Necessary.  Scary.  I also found out that another sweet friend is undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  Y'all-she is only 47.  Her kids (all 3 of them) are 1 year older than mine.

Our time on earth is not guaranteed.  In fact, it is guaranteed that it will end.  

 But in fact Christ has been raised from the dead, the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep. For as by a man came death, by a man has come also the resurrection of the dead. For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ shall all be made alive.
-1 Corinthians 15:20-22

As I prayed for my Momma this week, I found myself telling God I was not ready to live life without her.  But somehow this time, that request struck me as selfish.  Who am I to ask her to delay meeting her Savior just because I am not ready?  I realized I need to change my perspective!  

We were not made for this earth, friend.  Our Heavenly Father did not send His only Son to die a terrible death on the cross so that our time on this earth would be easier and more pleasant.  Christ did not defeat death and walk out of the tomb after three days so that we could attain wealth and prosperity here on earth.  

I have a dear, sweet friend that walks through life with chronic pain.  This commonality has forged a bond between us that anyone who does not share in this particular trial may not understand.  She often prays "Jesus, come quickly".  I have to has taken me a while to catch on to this concept.  But as God works on my heart and helps me see life with an eternal perspective, I am praying right along with her!  

 Do not work for the food that perishes, but for the food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give to you. For on him God the Father has set his seal.
-John 6:27

Friend, God does not promise us health, wealth & prosperity here on earth.  That is something our small, limited, worldly minds make us believe is valuable.  It is a lie of the enemy.  God promises us something so much more.  So much better.  And something that lasts for all eternity.